Our Plans & Approaches

Being an explorative and long-term initiative, KEx is driven by continuous incremental innovation to achieve our mission.

We utilise an organically fused approach of research methods, engineering principles, and design thinking to evolute our system with functionality and resilience.

Phase Ⅰ

At initial period, we mainly focus on the research of metaknowledge, conducted at KEx Academy of Knowledge – our affiliated organization.

Our core research topics:

• Knowledge modeling
• Knowledge management
• Knowledge visualization

The research aims to answer these questions:

• How knowledge should be formally modeled in computer systems?
• How knowledge should be managed in a rational and organised manner?
• How knowledge should be intuitively visualized to be efficiently understood by human?

Meanwhile, we actively look for collaboration with top scholars of related domains at a global scale.

Phase Ⅱ

Based on our refined research results, we develop the prototype of KExCore – an engine for general knowledge modeling, management and visualization.

Additionally, different functional cores will be developed to support the knowledge exploration lifecycle.

All these development will be deployed on our cloud infrastructure as a service accessible by end users.

The system aims to be a powerful tool to serve the educational purpose of knowledge exploration.

Phase Ⅲ

When we have a general knowledge exploration system, we will explore training it on varies domain knowledge base, and collaborate with domain experts to further upgrade the system.

We will start from varies selected disciplines in natural science and formal science, e.g., the fast evolving fields of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

At this stage, the system should be able to perform as a true expert system to assist in-depth research.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

– Alan Turing